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What Information Do I Need? 

A Company Name 
The company name must be unique and distinctive. You can’t use a name which is identical, or too similar to a company that has already been registered. 
Quick Company Formations will do a company name check for free, to make sure that your chosen name is acceptable and available, then advise you of any potential conflicts with existing companies already on the register. 
Details of the Directors and Secretary 
You must choose a minimum of two people who will be the directors of the company. The Directors are responsible for managing the day to day affairs of the company. 
You must choose one person who will act as the secretary of the company. The secretary can be one of the directors that you have already chosen. The Secretary is responsible for filing all legally required documents and accounts. 
If you would like Quick Company Formations to act as the company secretary, email 
Details of the Shareholders 
Unlike directors, only one shareholder is required. However, it is quite common to have two or more shareholders. Shareholders are the people who will own the shares in your new company. 
Quick Company Formations recommend that you issue 100 shares at €1.00 each, but this can be increased or decreased if you’d prefer, just let us know. Choose how many of those 100 shares you would like each shareholder to have. This will be the percentage of the company that each person owns. 
We usually incorporate new companies with 100,000 nominal shares at €1.00 each, so as to avoid having to increase the authorised share capital in the future. 
Information on what your Company will do 
Reminders and other important notices are sent to companies at their registered office as notified to the CRO. If the address is wrong you may not become aware of important information regarding your company. The registered office of every company can be checked on the CRO website. Quick Company Formations can provide a Registered Office address. 
A Registered Office Address 
You need to choose a registered office for your new company. This will be the official address of your company, and will be where all official documents are sent. 
This address does not have to be your actual trading address, but it has to be a physical address somewhere in Ireland, so PO boxes are not allowed. Quick Company Formations can provide a Registered Office for your company if you require. For more details, click here. 
Fill out our Online Company Order form 
Once you have all of the above information, fill out the Quick Company Formations online company order form by clicking here. It only takes 10 minutes! 
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